fed up

having a strong distaste from surfeit

grew more and more disgusted


fed up with their complaints


sick of it all


sick to death of flattery


gossip that makes one sick


tired of the noise and smoke

Syn: ↑disgusted, ↑sick, ↑sick of, ↑tired of
Similar to: ↑displeased

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: sated to the point of disgust : bored beyond endurance : disgusted and totally out of patience

a generation that is rapidly becoming fed up with novels about sensitive young men

a great many who are fed up and disgusted with their jobs — Encore

fed-upness \(ˈ) ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷\ noun -es

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fed up (informal)
1. Jaded
2. Disgruntled
3. Bored
4. (with with) tired of, annoyed by
5. Sated (obsolete)
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fed up UK US adjective not usually before noun informal
annoyed or bored with something that you feel you have accepted for too long
fed up with:

I’m fed up with this job.

be/​get fed up (with) doing something:

She’d got fed up with waiting and gone home.

fed up to the back teeth (=very annoyed):

I’m fed up to the back teeth with him.

Thesaurus: feeling angry or annoyedsynonym not feeling excited or enthusiasticsynonym

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adj. [predic.] annoyed or upset at a situation or treatment

he was fed up with doing all the work

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adj [more \fed up; most \fed up]
informal : very tired of something : angry about something that has continued for a long time

We've had one delay after another, and I'm starting to feel/get pretty fed up.

— usually + with

I'm fed up with all these delays.

Consumers are fed up with rising gas prices.

— sometimes + of in British English

I'm fed up of all these delays.

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ˌfed ˈup [fed up] adjective not before noun (informal)
bored or unhappy, especially with a situation that has continued for too long

You look fed up. What's the matter?

\fed up with sb/sth

People are fed up with all these traffic jams.

In the end, I just

got fed up with

his constant complaining.

I wish he'd get a job. I'm

fed up with it (= with the situation)


\fed up with doing sth

I'm fed up with waiting for her.


fed up to the back teeth (= very fed up)

with hearing about your problems.

 Some people say ‘fed up of sth’ in informal British English, but this is not considered correct in standard English.
Example Bank:

I'm absolutely fed up with the whole thing.

The children were starting to get a bit fed up.

Trent was fed up of being lied to.

You look really fed up!

I wish he'd get a job. I'm fed up with it.

I'm fed up to the back teeth with hearing about her problems.

I'm fed up with waiting for her.

We were starting to feel fed up through lack of progress.

You look fed up. What's the matter?

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